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When Google was still in the works, LEGO bricks were used by its founders to create a storage area for the ten four gigabyte hard drives being used to test their PageRank algorithm. Even at the very beginning, the founders of Google knew the importance of page rankings and therefore performed tests to ensure they had the potential to be a top search engine. Currently, it is one of the most utilized search engines in the world as it provides people the ease of finding virtually anything. One of the key services used to increase Google rankings is search engine optimization. Services that provide SEO marketing formulate well written SEO blogs that use heavy keywords so that your site appears above the competition. These Seo blogs are written to increase search engine rankings no matter what website you are using to find what you are looking for.

Did you know that almost half of all mobile device users look for promotions and read product reviews using these devices? That stat goes to show you that people have access to the internet from wherever they are and use various devices with the internet to go on search engines and locate the information they seek. In order to reach these customers, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional service that will compose Seo blogs to increase your website rank. These SEO blogs will review what your company is offering while using keywords to greaten your rank.

Inbound leads like search engine optimization cost less than half of outbound leads and above forty percent of internet users find what they need on the top organic search result. For a fair cost, you can hire someone to write SEO blogs so that your website will be that top result people click on. These SEO blogs are the leading type of internet marketing available and are used by some of the top companies in the world today.

It may be interesting to know that the company headquarters of Google have their lawns mowed by goats rented from grazing service. Even though their lawns are mowed by goats, they still have one of the most prosperous search engine services that the world has ever seen. Hiring a service to compose SEO blogs to increase the rank of your website on Google and other search engines is highly recommended to reach out to the largest client base possible.

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