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Perfecting search engine optimization internet marketing strategies are an important step toward increasing your Google rankings, and as a result, potentially increasing the success of your business. In fact, Google rankings are so important that of the 100 billion global web searches each month, 70 percent of users only click on the natural, organic web query search results. An even more powerful number is that 75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results and 70 to 80 percent of internet users ignore those sponsored results advertisements that hang out in the side of your internet web browser.

What do you do with all of this Seo information? How do you incorporate it into your business plan to increase your Google rank? There are hundreds of SEO tools and sources that will analyze your website and provide you with comprehensive SEO reporting to increase your Google rank. These tools and analyses not only find inaccuracies or redundancies with your site, but give you valuable information on how to increase your sites search engine ranking and as a result, increase your sites Google rank.

Inbound leads such as SEO leads are a lot cheaper than other more traditional sources of leads, such as cold calling. Effective SEO reporting helps you also track the behavior of your incoming leads. How did the lead get to your site? How long are they staying at your site? Or where are they clicking on your site? These are all examples of additional SEO reporting that can help determine which marketing strategies are working and which need adjusting to increase your Google rank.

More than half of consumers research a product online before purchasing. Conversely, only 24 percent of users go directly to a companys site and a mere 18 percent inquire via social media. The search engine industry including Google is estimated to be worth more than $16 billion and that includes mobile users. There will be a continued increase in internet users who use their mobile devices to perform Google searches. By 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to exceed desktop internet usage. Higher SEO reporting numbers could lead to a potential 2,000 percent increase in site traffic. Increase of this kind of traffic could translate into a 40 percent increase to your companys bottom line.

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