Basic SEO tips can be DIY SEO tips, because anyone can do the easy stuff. As long as you have a basic grasp on the internet and feel comfortable with some simple website design and writing, you can be well on your way to a successful start to SEO.

The first of the DIY SEO tips is to make sure that your site is user ready. The whole point of SEO is to get people to your site. So why would you pull people to a site that is not ready or user friendly? It is a bit of cart before the horse, because you do not want to put out the effort of getting them to your site, without the site being perfect.

A less than perfect website can be tweaked with just a few quick SEO tips. Make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. We are a visual species. We eat with our eyes first, we get first impressions about everything based upon first glance and nothing more. Whether it is a person, a building, a cake or a car, humans are quick to judge based on appearance. If your website looks like it was created in MS Dos, there is a good chance that your site visitors will navigate away immediately upon arrival.

Making the site easily navigable and making the checkout procedures for any purchases as simple and quick as possible is a great way to attract patrons, and ensure return customers when the time comes for them to purchase your products or services again. Keeping your information up to date and accurate is also important. Make sure your news is not from years ago, making sure that your contact information actually reaches a human who works for the company can go a long way.

Another of the simplest DIY SEO tips that you can do is start a blog for the company. By keeping a regular, timely, relevant blog, your constant creation of content will pull in considerably more traffic. In fact, those sites that follow these SEO blog tips have found that they get about 55% more traffic than sites without blogs. And by having a blog, you are indexing over 400% more pages than the competition. This is noticed by the search algorithms, which will mark you as more relevant, and place you higher in the search rankings as a result.

When it comes to doing your own SEO, there is nothing to be afraid of. Start simple, perfect what you can, and by the time you are ready to move on, you will have learned tons. Remember, any bit can help to raise your search rankings. And the higher you are, the more likely you will be found, and the more business you will see.

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