The Importance of Ranking Highly on Google

Did you know that goats are used to mow the lawn of Google headquarters? In addition, Google founders used LEGO bricks to create a hard drive storage compartment when they were first testing their PageRank algorithm. Although Google has some unconventional habits, it still owns approximately 70% of the search engine market share. In order […]

What Search Engine Optimization Can Do For You

Search engine rankings can be improved by simple search engine optimization, or SEO tools. Search engine rankings are based on a number of aspects of your website such as how fast it loads up for someone and how much information is on it. When someone is using a search engine, the search engine ranking your […]

Organic Search Results Produce More Click Throughs

Finding out information on the internet is a lot easier if you use your search engine. which the experts say 88 percent of people over the age of 14 who go online looking for products already do. That statistic is for the year 2012. The majority of people going online every day start off their […]

SEO Strategies that Work

Perfecting search engine optimization internet marketing strategies are an important step toward increasing your Google rankings, and as a result, potentially increasing the success of your business. In fact, Google rankings are so important that of the 100 billion global web searches each month, 70 percent of users only click on the natural, organic web […]