When the Search is On

Google rankings have become among the most important rankings when it comes to marketing to the average consumer. Not everyone is aware of the significance of Google rankings, but they actually can make quite a significant difference. That is why search engine optimization is becoming an ever expanding industry as more people look up SEO […]

Responding to Big Changes from Google

There’s been a lot of speculation over the course of the last month about changes in SEO marketing. With Google’s launch of Hummingbird at the end of August and release of Penguin 2.1 only a few days ago, many internet marketers and business owners are waiting with bated breath to see how their search engine […]

Using SEO Blogs To Increase Google Rankings

When Google was still in the works, LEGO bricks were used by its founders to create a storage area for the ten four gigabyte hard drives being used to test their PageRank algorithm. Even at the very beginning, the founders of Google knew the importance of page rankings and therefore performed tests to ensure they […]

SEO Marketing Service Provider

Have you ever noticed the Google “doodle” the Burning Man and have you ever wondered what it meant? Unless you are an internet guru, you probably have no clue that the co founders of Google, Brin and Page, first used it back in 1998 to let others know they were out of the office and […]